You can’t resurrect the living

That is not a hamburger


Here are some first impressions for the glorious new anime season. I think, for once, I’m actually semi-timely with this kind of thing.

Good Stuff:

Sengoku Collection – Is it me or is there a “Sengoku” show every season where cute girls are center stage instead of manly sweaty men? I would think it’s amusing to see all the different interpretations, yet they all aren’t very good. This still fits “not very good,” but it’s just dumb enough that I’ll turn my brain off to watch it. Honestly, I like the animation, and its healthy PLOT. Brains Base running this doesn’t hurt either.

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She packed my lunch every week for 12 weeks. I’ll never forget her tights.

Toilet Humor

Toilet Humor

What, you were expecting something else? Mind out of the gutter people, I just watched some anime, figured I’d tell you what you probably already know about some shows I watched.

Amagami SS+

The original show was not really good, but it’s four episode format at least kept the show feeling fresh, and boring arcs ended sooner than later. So this is like two episode arcs showing more…more doesn’t mean that I really care that much.

Rihoko finally got her boyfriend, which seemed to make the internet happy.

Honestly, this second season is quite boring, and I guess I don’t care for it that much, but the “I must finish everything” person in me must watch.

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