Oishii Tacos! (Deconstructing Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls!

I like to cook, with that I also watch a fair bit of cooking shows. A lot of cooking competitions broadcast on the tube are usually timed, or have limited ingredients to make the challenge harder. With that comes deconstruction, and the definition of deconstruction that will be used in this post.

Let’s take the task as a taco. Ingredients assigned, and our chef gets ambitious. We’re going to make our own tortilla for this challenge. Oh crap, we’ve run very short of time. Instead of assembling our taco, we’re going to put the meat in one corner, lettuce/tomato here in this corner, cheese and other dairy here, and finally the homemade tortilla on the side. It’s presented as a deconstructed taco. The mildly intelligent are smart enough to figure out that this is nothing more than a taco salad that you dress yourself, the judges however must re-construct the dish and sing praises of the tortilla that our chef was so ambitious in making.

Wake Up, Girls! is a supposed deconstruction of the idol genre. Yamakan, our chef, is working with an obvious limited budget, and is trying to put out a product that I believe is trying to tell us something. Simply put, the idol world is not as flashy and glamorous as is seems. It’s squicky at times and there’s a lot of crying. A far cry from other examples of the genre with their shiny scenery and happy production companies.

This is rather grungy, and it’s not fearful of going into some pretty objectifying stuff. In fact, the whole idol/manufacture of bands things is entirely objectifying from most angles you look at it. In everything except for its final produced product.

We follow our girls from serving gross old men in a “health” spa, to the final stage where they sing it out with their rivals. There’s a lot of other stuff along the way, but nothing spectacular along the way. Oh, aside from episode eight, where the girls go on a trip to visit a family friend in an area devastated by the Tohoku quake and tsunami. Even watching animated characters try and make the best of the dire scene in front of them is pretty heartbreaking.

In the end, this show is a bit of a mess with a few tasty bits. It’s limited budget and fair animation is obvious no matter how much Yamakan tries. At the end of the show, you’re forced to look at the bits on the plate and need to put the whole thing back together to decide if it all works as a whole. Personally, I wasn’t too disappointed; I wasn’t going into this expecting it to blow my mind.

On a final note, there’s a reason why a taco is so good. It’s a perfect bite and works as a whole, putting it together when you’re expecting a package makes the whole experience longer and harder to get through. I prefer tacos even if they can get messy, but at least I didn’t have to put it together to enjoy it. It’s honestly not a super fun watch. Guess I’ll go watch Love Live! (mmm…tacos).


I went to the shrine and all the head priest gave me was this stupid hammer


Yearly post? Sure, why not. Here’s a list of my mostly random thoughts about anime this year.

  1. Most loathed show of the year – Danganropa
  2. Worst anime that was supposed to save anime – Kyoukai no Kanata, very close runner up, Kill la Kill
  3. Most over-hyped supposedly edgy show that every fan loved except me – Shingeki no Kyojin
  4. Biggest disappointment – Anything that aired by KyoAni
  5. Best show about nothing – Teekyuu (It’s not even about tennis, although the national tournament arc had me in stiches)
  6. Best guilty pleasure – Tie between Noucome and Love Lab
  7. Best thighs – Aiura
  8. Best recommendation from a friend – Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya
  9. Best bunny rabbit – Koto from Kyousougiga (Also wins best casting with Aya Hisakawa, just because I said so.)
  10. Best Kugimiya Rie role – Koto from Kyousougiga (Quite possibly my favorite performance of hers, with Nene from Potemayo coming in very close.)
  11. Best Soundtrack – Kyousougiga
  12. Anime of the year – Kyousougiga

See you next year!

Best anime of 2012, at least to me



Out of everything I watched this year, Hyouka was my favorite. There was other good stuff, and bad stuff, but in the end this is the one I remember and hold most fondly. Not that there’s much readership here to care.

It was also the one I got to enjoy in the best of company.

And had the best school festival plotline.

Secret Santa 2012 – Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

Listening for signals

Listening for signals

Dusting off the blog for another year of Reverse Thieves Secret Santa; this being my third year doing so.

My Santa recommended three items, Fate/Zero (both seasons), the first season of Natsume Yuujinchou, and Hoshi o Ou Kodomo. As you may have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, because well life; that and participation in National Novel Writing Month, which I won by the way.

I chose to watch Hoshi o Ou Kodomo. I’d like to watch the other recommendations sometime, but with the holidays and travel, the shorter one won out. I have seen portions of the movie before, but hadn’t ever really given it a fair shot because of some bias, which I’ll get into in a little bit. I think properly sitting down in a dark room, by myself, curled up in a blanket was perfect for getting into a Makoto Shinkai movie.

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You can’t resurrect the living

That is not a hamburger


Here are some first impressions for the glorious new anime season. I think, for once, I’m actually semi-timely with this kind of thing.

Good Stuff:

Sengoku Collection – Is it me or is there a “Sengoku” show every season where cute girls are center stage instead of manly sweaty men? I would think it’s amusing to see all the different interpretations, yet they all aren’t very good. This still fits “not very good,” but it’s just dumb enough that I’ll turn my brain off to watch it. Honestly, I like the animation, and its healthy PLOT. Brains Base running this doesn’t hurt either.

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Art by シェフの気まぐれサラダ


I’m usually not one for these things, but I’m bored and I guess lots of people are doing this now. Not that I’d know since I just found out about it, because I’m about as close to living under a rock as you can get. So here’s fifty answers to some questions you might care about:

1. Who is your favourite male anime character?

Satou You from Ben-to. Unapologetically male and the best male lead in modern anime. Kicks ass, and eats dinner. Kenshi from Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is also an excellent male lead.

2. Who is your favourite female anime character?

Utena Tenjou.

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She packed my lunch every week for 12 weeks. I’ll never forget her tights.

Toilet Humor

Toilet Humor

What, you were expecting something else? Mind out of the gutter people, I just watched some anime, figured I’d tell you what you probably already know about some shows I watched.

Amagami SS+

The original show was not really good, but it’s four episode format at least kept the show feeling fresh, and boring arcs ended sooner than later. So this is like two episode arcs showing more…more doesn’t mean that I really care that much.

Rihoko finally got her boyfriend, which seemed to make the internet happy.

Honestly, this second season is quite boring, and I guess I don’t care for it that much, but the “I must finish everything” person in me must watch.

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