About the Author

I’m a self-professed old man. I’ve been at this too long to care about most people’s opinions on … well pretty much anything. To be frank, here’s the deal:

  • I like anime. Damn near way too much.
  • I watch a lot of stuff you may consider “crap.”
  • Being negative just to be negative isn’t funny or clever. Balance is the key to life, and there’s something beautiful even in the ugliest of places.
  • I won’t blog it, just because you blogged it.
  • Being a fan is a personal journey, not about what someone says fandom should be.
  • I post for me, if you enjoy reading, thanks.

Other than that, I’m really a nice guy, at least I’m told. Welcome to my little corner of whatever this is.

If you want to tell my I suck, or maybe that you like something, or have an issue, use the form below to contact me:


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