You can’t resurrect the living

That is not a hamburger


Here are some first impressions for the glorious new anime season. I think, for once, I’m actually semi-timely with this kind of thing.

Good Stuff:

Sengoku Collection – Is it me or is there a “Sengoku” show every season where cute girls are center stage instead of manly sweaty men? I would think it’s amusing to see all the different interpretations, yet they all aren’t very good. This still fits “not very good,” but it’s just dumb enough that I’ll turn my brain off to watch it. Honestly, I like the animation, and its healthy PLOT. Brains Base running this doesn’t hurt either.

Space Brothers – I work for NASA. It’s a given that I will watch and love this because I’m required to. First episode was great, second and third were a tad bit of a yawner, but I like the journey so far.

Mysterious Girlfriend X – I’m old, this looks old, and the characters are old style anime archetypes. Urabe is a bit like Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road; good at everything, yet kinda messed up. I was a little wacked about the first episode and drool sharing, but I’m totally fine with it now. Everything old is new again.

Lupin III – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine – As old as I am, I have never seen a Lupin show/movie, I like this so far…I wonder why? Style is fun, music is catchy, and I dig it.

Sankarea – See comment on SenColle above but apply to Zombie shows. Oh wait…this is really good, and even better, I didn’t expect it to be good. Yeah someone is going to say “LOLDEEN” but I have a special place in my heart for Deen since they gave me Simoun.

On the fence:

Ozuma – Waiting for whole series to finish then probably will watch this. First episode was ok, but feels rough and ugly.

Natsuiro Kiseki – Potential seen…Will it pan out? Guess I’ll have to see a few more episodes.

Stuff I checked out and will not watch:

Medaka Box – Nope

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san – No

Upotte! – No no no

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Bleh

Acchi Kochi – Oh hell no

See you next season.


4 responses to “You can’t resurrect the living

  1. Looks like a good mix. I’m really kind of on and off with Nyaruko, among other things. But there is so much this season, it’s almost unfair to other seasons lol. I’ve enjoyed basically everything, but have my reasons for not watching stuff.

    I think MGX is probably the one that intrigues me most from a community pov. There’s so much good tread on it, but I can’t see myself watching it every week. Might have to do some 6 episode watches later on, but that’s cool.

    • My patience for the things I passed on is just very low.

      MGX is pushing my nostalgia buttons, and the voice acting is fabulous. I hear it gets a little repetitive in the manga, but I’m enjoying so far.

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