Winter Blahs

Here’s a silly little update post for you all. Not that I have a ton of readers.

  • I’ve been solidly entrenched in the winter blahs.
  • Work has been … difficult and tiring
  • I watched a bunch of shows this winter, most of them I did not like; aside from Madoka, Level E, and Hourou Musuko.
  • I hope to continue my non-posting ways soon.

Also, I was on my own install of WordPress for a while, but due to some unforeseen circumstances with mother nature, I had to move off that host. I’m back on with my own domain. Links will be broke, etc etc. Feel free to shoot a comment if something is terribly broke.

Cheers, from your favorite kima-ota


3 responses to “Winter Blahs

  1. Nice to see you around again…

    Personally, Wandering Son and Madoka are the only shows that amazed me in the winter season… hopefully the spring shows will be promising.

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