Did you know the fall season started?

Hey, the fall season started a month ago, surely you’ve read 150 other opinions on the new season, but here’s mine for your reading pleasure. Data, courtesy of Melative.com:

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge[/melative_lime_meta]

More of the same under the bridge fun. I’ve  managed only one episode of this, but it was enough to tell me that if I enjoyed the antics from last season, I’ll be fine.

What I have to say: The new opening is excellent, Space Nino is super.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/The World Only God Knows[/melative_lime_meta]

I’ve only watched one episode of this as well, and all I’ve been able to formulate is Elsee is cute.

What I have to say: Motivation low, but will check out at least a few more episodes.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls[/melative_lime_meta]

Fanservicey samurai girls that, um…what was I saying. It’s the T&A show of the season, akin to Queen’s Blade and others like it. Heavily censored with innovative inkblot technology, but paper thin plot is semi-interesting.

What I have to say: Jubei’s serious voice is the stuff of nightmares, but makes me feel all tingly.


High brow anime of the season with nerdy girls doing nerdy things; dare I say they’re being otaku? Something about jellyfish, but I forgot about that when the trap showed up and hilarity ensued.

What I have to say: This is seriously excellent. I’m enjoying it immensely.


Masochistic male is trying to be reformed by the sadist loli. Plan doesn’t seem to be working all that well.

What I have to say: This is stupid, but has these serious moments which make it more interesting than it probably should be.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai[/melative_lime_meta]

Kyousuke’s sister loves to play siscon video games, and turns out to be a serious otaku.

What I have to say: Really great production values, smooth execution, and nifty soundtrack make this very watchable and, dare I say, good. Has the tendency to piss people off, because of being put on a shining pedestal before even airing.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt[/melative_lime_meta]

Powerpuff girls meets I don’t know what the heck.

What I have to say: Really not sure why I’m still watching this. It’s silly, stupid, idiotic and low brow. Oh, it’s got toilet humor, that’s why. You can never have enough dick and fart jokes.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Shinryaku! Ika Musume[/melative_lime_meta]

Squid girl comes in and tries to take over the world, one beach at a time. She fails and ends up working a part time job.

What I have to say: This has no merit whatsoever. That doesn’t stop it from being fun, and excellent non-thinking material for filler and squid-tastic tentacle fun. De-geso~

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Sora no Otoshimono: Forte[/melative_lime_meta]

Season two of Tomoki’s nipples. The idiot Angeloid, Astrea, joins the cast, and hilarity (boobs) ensues.

What I have to say: More of the same as last season, but I liked that in some weird way. Tomoki still has an astronomical perversion level, but a heart of pure gold. Honestly, he spends a bit too much time in Super-Deformed mode for my taste but I’ll take that over Tomoko.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru[/melative_lime_meta]

The worst Maid Café ever.

What I have to say: High potential, somewhat wasted by annoying voice acting. It’s growing on me, but is slow to really take off.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Star Driver[/melative_lime_meta]

School life mecha show brought to us by Bones and the writer of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

What I have to say: After confusing myself in more ways than one on the first episode, I stuck it out and I’ve been converted to the FABULOUS club. To say I can see the similarities with Utena, would be saying too little. Not that I want a re-hash, there’s enough to keep it separate, but also enough to keep the spirit alive, so to speak. KIRABOSHI

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Yosuga no Sora[/melative_lime_meta]

I was lead to believe this was going to be good. I was lead incorrectly.

What I have to say: This is utter trash. It’s seriously bad, yet I can’t look away.

I also put up a new theme tonight. Please let me know if something is not working correctly.


One response to “Did you know the fall season started?

  1. Has the tendency to piss people off, because of being put on a shining pedestal before even airing.

    So true if you notice the shitstorm surrounding Episode 4 over bloggers on the moral horse… Seriously, it’s just a show… It pretty much proves that most of the aniblogosphere lost its sanity…

    For me, I don’t care what these elitists think… I still enjoy the show of what its worth.

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