Secret Santa Recommendations

Reverse Thieves is running their Secret Santa Project again this year. I didn’t have a blog last year, but this year, it looked like something that would be enjoyable and interesting. Recommendations were sent and thusly received. Just got mine the other day and here’s what I’m going to do with them.

In short, out of the three recommendations, I’ll be blogging all three. I guess I got kind of lucky since out of the three recommendations, two are movie length, and there’s only one full series.

Here are the three titles I’ll be looking at:

[melative_lime_meta]anime/Princess Arete[/melative_lime_meta]

I know very little about this title, but I’m willing to try anything. That and it’s Studio 4°C, which tends to be a bit different.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/tokyo marble chocolate[/melative_lime_meta]

Short two episode romance OVA, I probably won’t like this. I’ll likely love it.

[melative_lime_meta]anime/dennou coil[/melative_lime_meta]

Dennou Coil is something I’ve been thinking of watching for a long time now. I’m actually looking forward to this a great deal.

All of these look interesting, so I’ll be blogging all three. So keep an eye out for two Secret Santa bonus posts, in addition to Dennou Coil to be posted on the 24th of December.

Thanks to Reverse Thieves for running this project.


One response to “Secret Santa Recommendations

  1. I think this would be interesting considering that I didn’t watch most of the shows back in my early stages of my anime watching… Hopefully the suggestions I have turn out to be very interesting and enjoyable…

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