For the love of Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Kenshi in Trouble

I recently had the opportunity to view the OVA Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. Being a Tenchi spin-off caught my attention, even if it had been a long time since I had watched Tenchi, it didn’t deter from this viewing at all. Any references to Tenchi are slight and tangential, and you don’t need to even be familiar with the Tenchi-verse to understand what’s going on here.

In a nutshell, Kenshi comes from another world, and has all the makings of this world’s Seikishi. The Seikishi are valiant knights of high honor in this world, with each of the major world powers holding several in high regard; especially the male Seikishi. After the mecha-riffic introduction, Kenshi settles in with Lashara’s crew as her servant, and everyone lives a happy school life in The Holy Land.

This show is, first and foremost, a harem anime. Harem anime usually means the clichés and lifestyles we’re used to seeing, but in a delightful surprise, this one takes the formula and uses it so well, you don’t care that it’s about a harem of girls and their male counterpart. What makes it work so well is that Kenshi is far from the usual spineless loser.

So here are a few things to love about Isekai:

Kenshi Masaki

You can’t help but have a crush on this guy. His relentless energy, his apologetic nature, and his massage talents make for a fantastic hero when you boil it down. He’s confident, spunky, full of life, and feels like an immediate favorite. The girls fall in love with him one by one, and you can’t blame them. He’s a strong male lead, and that’s a rarity in harem anime.


I’ve seen one too many of these kinds of pictures, but there’s so much love here. Every one of them is a real character. Enough hints at their background make for great character development along the entire series. Specifically, Yukine and her likely mutual crush on Kenshi is so much fun, but I also have to give a shout out to the Student Council president, Lithia and her always calling Kenshi a wild animal. Oh, can’t forget Lashara and Maria, whose rivalry is fun to watch, and Aura’s “weak” moments are also full of cute and unexpectedness. I could go on and find something to like about all of the girls.

Kenshi’s effect on the girls and their love for him are his strength and reason for fighting in the later episodes.

Epic pillow fight

Episode 6 has a pillow fight that is 5 minutes of pure bliss, fun, and excellence. It was fun to watch and a fine precursor to the actual plot that was to come in the later episodes of the series. Everyone gets a chance to shine in this scene.

There is a plot, by the way, worked into the latter half of the show. It’s got politics, intrigue and battle outfits.

Isekai no Sekishi Monogatari is a fun romp through Tenchi’s alternate world. It’s been a while since I’ve had so much fun with a harem show.

Last thing I’ll say about the series is how well it was paced. I consider its undertaking a daunting task, with 13 double episodes to fill. Somehow, probably through brilliant writing, and excellent thinking, the show never dragged, ever. Every episode was filled with something engaging, interesting, lively, and fun. Simple things like searching for vegetables in the forest, making nabe, and last but not least, pillow fights.


4 responses to “For the love of Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

  1. “There is a plot, by the way, worked into the latter half of the show. It’s got politics, intrigue and battle outfits.”

    I laughed out loud. Good digest!

  2. Oh boy. So many good parts to list and most of them are Yukine-involved. Underwear comparison, “saving” Kenshi, pillow fight… And of course, Lashara and her greed. Felt sorry for Ceres when she jokingly valued him as another money tree.

    I blame you entirely for introducing me to this and at least two sleepless nights of marathoning this.

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