Imouto Review – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through TimeArt by Habuki

So, in my never ending quest to have the longest time in between posts, I have committed the ultimate in lazy posting; asking my sister to write a review for me.  Truly that wasn’t the plan, but I told her (made her) watch the movie to see her thoughts. She was nice enough to put something together for your reading pleasure. She is not an anime fan by any means, but she does appreciate a good movie, animated or not. Without further ado, here’s my kawaii imouto’s review of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:

After being persuaded for days to watch this movie I finally gave in to my brother’s plan of getting me to watch it and write a post about it. Honestly I started out with a negative attitude toward it since I really didn’t want to watch it in the first place but eventually I got into it.

Makoto Konno is a teenage girl in high school, around my age, and she has two of the best friends she could ask for. Chiaki Mamiya and Kousuke Tsuda are her two guy friends who she plays baseball with every day after school, the three of them are inseparable. One day while Makoto is doing her classroom duties by taking up her classmates work books she hears something in the science lab’s closet and decides to go and see what it is she heard. She walks around the closet a few times and slips on something, falls, and gains the power to leap through time. Makoto goes through a time leap without knowing what happened and stops by her aunt’s work and tells her experience. Her aunt states that she’s been time traveling but Makoto refuses to believe it. Her aunt tells her to watch what she’s doing because time traveling eventually hurts people in the end.

Makoto begins to abuse her privilege of time traveling and avoids her friend Chiaki who is trying to tell her he likes her and is attempting to ask her to go steady with him. After she keeps avoiding Chiaki he eventually leaves her alone and begins talking to this other girl who happens to be Makoto’s friend. Makoto then realizes that she really does like Chiaki and that she messed up by being scared to be with him.

Makoto and Chiaki speak one day after Makoto runs out of her time traveling chances and Chiaki tells her a few things that begin to change Makoto’s mind about her life and the people in it.

I think that the plot of this story was well written and put together. I liked the animation and the thought put into the story. I think the author was real creative as to how he wrote this story and I enjoyed every aspect of it. I’m actually glad my brother convinced me into watching this movie.

And there you have it. It sure would be nifty if everyone could get their siblings to lazy post for them once. Regularly (haha) scheduled posting to resume soon, including my final thoughts on spring 2010 and thoughts on the new crop that I’m watching as well.


4 responses to “Imouto Review – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

  1. Lazy posting, I approve!

    This is a good rundown without going too much into the important specifics, and I agree that the writing helped a great deal in bringing the film to another level… sometimes the production is a barrier, sometimes it’s the source material, but I think both aspects were soundly balanced for this work ^_^

  2. I tried to get my sister to write something for me once, but she took a look at my blog, and refused because she thought it was too ecchi.

    Anyway, I agree with your sister on The Girl who Leapt Through Time.

  3. @RyanA – Balanced, yes, everytime I watch this I love it a little more.

    @Yi – My sister thinks I’m weird because I still watch cartoons at 35, but she humors me every once in a while.

  4. The post is written rather well even though I haven’t watched the movie. You should do this more often. I doubt I can get my sister to write for me since she isn’t interested in the Anime I’m watching. 🙂

    I’m 20 and still watching cartoons… At least it’s not Twilight… I hate that stuff.

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