Micro-blogging Anime

As I’ve mentioned before here. I don’t blog episodically, heck I don’t blog often at all. Personal space is for that only. When I have something to say, I do, that’s good enough for me.

I digress, I still watch anime at a pretty good clip, and I do say stuff about it. For that I use Melative. I know, I know: Melative sucks, is too hard, I don’t understand it; it’s not MAL, etc… I use it because it’s a good site for micro-blogging your watches and wishes, and other goodies. Please understand, for the umpteenth time, Melative is not MAL nor does it aspire to be or will ever be. Some features are shared, many are not, so don’t go looking for it to be a MAL or Anime-Planet like site.

What it is good for is a micro-blogging platform that links back to the Melative database and catalogs what you’re watching. Twitter doesn’t really cut the micro-blogging anime thing very well, mainly because you waste too many of the 140 characters on saying what you’re watching, and there’s no link back to the information of the show. Melative does a good job of consolidating all of this into a simple stream.

To make life easier, I have now included a new page on the blog to assist with showing my Melative content stream. Click above on “Anime Live Updates” or click here. With the help of Ryan of Aloe Dream, I now have a custom plug-in working for the Melative updates on that page. I really like it, and think if you haven’t checked out Melative lately, or gave up because it was too hard, or some other reason, I hope you check it out again. The UI just got refreshed, and has made things easier to use. But again…don’t expect it to be MAL; it’s not supposed to be.


2 responses to “Micro-blogging Anime

  1. You are damn right… Melative is not MAL ever… and it shouldn’t be compared since Melative does a heck a lot more and have APIs. APIs on MAL is completely lame…

    Besides from the WebUI, for those who want to update from the desktop, there is the Melative clients and scrobblers I have made… Still working on the auto scrobbling action still…. but whatever. Whatever floats anyone’s boat.

  2. I digress, I still watch anime at a pretty good clip

    Uh, you watch like everything!! lol, I might not know anyone else who watches so many series at a time O_o. You’re right though, it’s good for live-updating episodically, and it’s something we’ve been sketching out and trying to organize since 2007. It’s great for those who just want a quick way to log+express some thoughts on active viewing in an organized way [and simultaneously keep track of these things].


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