zzeroparticle reads my Magikano post from 2006

In the aniblog readings community event , I put myself out there to get a reading of one of my posts. zzeroparticle himself was lucky enough to draw my name, and was even nice enough to choose a post from my first blog from back in 2006 on animeblogger.net. This needs no more explanation, so listen and enjoy, I know I did.

Magikano by zzeroparticle – Singing version

Magikano by zzeroparticle – Normal voice version

Magikano by zzeroparticle – Creepy pedo voice version

And in a shameless self plug, go check my voice in a reading from We Remember Love, where I read an old post from ghostlightning about Skip Beat! (you’ll find the link about half way down the post under the Mogami/Nietzsche pic.

And for posterity’s sake, in case archive.org ever goes away, I’ve brought back the old Magikano post after the bump, just like it was, fresh from 2006 for your reading pleasure. Funny enough, I just bought the box set on a recent Rightstuf.com sale, what a coincidence.


What a lovely little harem anime this is.

For the uninitiated. Harem anime follows an average loser guy as several women throw themselves at him. Our loser hero is usually pretty clueless to the advances. Any number of plot devices can be used to initiate mischief, mayhem, and of course, fanservice. Magikano actually seems pretty light on the fanservice, but it’s there. Anyway…

Our hero in this show is Haruo Yoshikawa. He’s an average high schooler with three lovely sisters: Chiyaki, Fuyuno, and Maika. Haruo has no idea that his three sisters are actually witches, since they try really hard to not use their powers in front of him, and when they do, they just erase his memory. Enter Ayumi Mamiya. She’s billed as the evil witch, but all she really wants is Haruo’s latent powers to awaken. I’m not sure why just yet, but I also may not have been paying full attention either. It’s a harem anime so there are more girls than mentioned above, like Yuri Kurosu the student council president with eyes for Haruo, and Masuzu Nijihara the crusader out to eradicate all witches, particularly Ayumi (she has her work cut out for her, since it seems that all the girls in the show are witches).

Something about this show has just drawn me in. I just like it. What I do know did not draw me in is the voice actor for Haruo. Other than that the character designs are very nice, animation average to above average, and my favorite part, the sales pitches. The show always has some off the wall product placement in the middle of the show somewhere, it’s plot related, but not related to the plot moving forward. It’s a nice addition that adds some humor. The ads always feature some insane price for the product and comes all inclusive with a fake web address as well. The voice actresses are spot on with their performances, and lend themselves very well to the characters that they are playing. Ayumi’s seiyuu (Nogawa, Sakura, who also sings the opening song) does a fantastic job and can go from lovey dovey to pissed in about .5 seconds. Which leads me to what I think makes the show so good. It’s the fact that everyone’s character is unique, which is a really good thing.

This show has managed to hold my interest in it quite well, which I can’t say that much harem anime ever has.


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    • I don’t feel embarrassed at all, truly this really showed, at least imo, what blogging in 2006 was like. Obviously I was writing for the non-anime fan. Cringeworthy maybe, embarrassing not really.

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