Spring Season 2010 thoughts

Now that several episodes have aired, I have compiled some thoughts on the beginnings of several series.

Without further ado, I’ll start with some fanservice!

Mayoi Neko Overrun

Nekos love cake

Four episodes in, this is nothing but a typical harem comedy. It delivers what is expected, which includes lots of cute girls and comedy.  Chances are this won’t turn into anything particularly special, but has brought on a fair amount of fun to look forward to each week.

Highlights:  Look for the EPIC ping-pong match in episode four.  Haven’t laughed that much during an onsen episode in a very long time.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats

So many expectations for this show were had by many, and I believe the pedestal that this was put on disappointed a lot of people.  The first episode was, honestly, kind of a mess; with very obvious animation mistakes, and just a wild inconsistent mostly confusing mess.  The savior was the very nicely done concert scene, and in later episodes, tastes of what happened to the band of students fighting against Angel.

Highlights:  While the animation is at times inconsistent, some of the fight scenes, and again the concert scenes are pretty well done, if not a little bit CGish.  PA Works has some catching up to do to make this great.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Nino in the bath

SHAFT + Shinbo.  This is easily a like for me.  If you’ve been watching anime for any amount of time, you know what to expect from SHAFTxShinbo.  So it’s wacky, and weird, and completely off the wall.  A host of interesting characters, who all seem to be rejects from society, are super quirky and very interesting to watch.

Highlights:  Nino’s Bath song from Episode 2.

Giant Killing

Giant Killing

I really don’t like football (soccer for us Americans), the details of why I don’t like it is unnecessary.  That said, I’m pretty sure I like this show.  When I watched Cross Game last year, I really wasn’t a huge fan of baseball; in fact my interest in most sports is pretty minimal, but I really enjoyed watching the story of the team moving through their ups and downs.  While Cross Game was also about the relationships off the field, Giant Killing, so far, is just about the life on the field and the sport itself, but is still well done and a good watch.  This being a World Cup year, it’s apropos that this show is airing now.

Highlights:  Interesting character designs, and character shading.  Tatsumi’s laid back coaching style, and how it’s used to bring the team together.

Also watching this season:

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Fun shoujo that features a brash Student Council President who moonlights as a maid in a maid café.  Great male lead makes this a fun watch.

B Gata H Kei: Follow Yamada on her quest to get laid.  Seriously funny, seriously demented, and plenty of wtf moments.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou:  Boy wants to become a great magician, but finds out he’s destined to be a demon lord instead.  Very weak first episode, moves onto better later episodes, but still doesn’t pop with anything real special.  Guilty pleasure, if you can call it a pleasure.

K-On!!:  More cake and tea, and the occasional music piece.  What else is there to say, although the fourth episode was pretty magical.

Working!!:  Ensemble show with nice animation from A-1 Pictures.  The show is a bit uneven, with some good laughs per episode, but not constantly.

Dropped this season:

Heroman:  Bland character designs couldn’t be saved by great Bones animation. Three episodes convinced me that continuing just wasn’t needed.  Show was also beset with too many laws of Physics being broken.


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