So where's the content, chief?

As you’ll read in About this Blog, I will be mostly blogging about anime and manga, and many of the goodies that come along with it. I’ve been in the anime world for longer than I ever figured I would be, so that’s what this will be. My blog, however, will not be an episodic anime blog. I just honestly don’t have the time or patience to do it right, and there are people that will do it much better than I can.

So, if I watch all this anime, do I think about it in-between the beginning and the end? Yes, and the method is through micro-blogging. No, it’s not twitter, and will never be twitter. Twitter is a terrible platform for episodic blogging. So with that said, my episodic thoughts can be viewed on

What’s Melative? From the Melative FAQ:

Melative is a web-application/service which focuses on media (and media contexts). It provides an interface for users to catalog their experiences, interact with titles, and find other users with similar interests. For developers, the API allows a simplistic, RESTful interface to meta-information resources on media-titles, creators, and more. There are many (possibly too many) features and interaction possibilities built into the API, and we are striving to provide interesting new ways in which users may express themselves when it comes to the media they enjoy.

So my episodic thoughts and snippets can be found on my Melative stream.  Please keep in mind that Melative is somewhat of a work in progress and is being worked on quite actively. This means that it may feel very “alpha” in places.

I can also be found on My Animelist as well here:


3 responses to “So where's the content, chief?

  1. Yes, Episodic blogging takes alot of time if you write a whole synopsis and then your thoughts… Since RandomC already does that, I just cut that part out and write my thoughts only… which only takes 20-30 mins minimum… well, it’s up to you… I think it is more fun making editorials than episodic blog, but oh well…
    .-= chikorita157´s last blog ..AniTourney Review Part 2 (Day 4-6) Digest =-.

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