Grand Opening (re-opening??)

Welcome to the new It’s been a long time and a lot of thought to get back into this. It’s been four years since I started anime blogging, as feeble as an attempt that it was years ago; from humble beginnings on, to the here and now. There’s a lot to say about the landscape changing since then, but it’s not worth going into. My opinion is to just whittle your own corner out in the wide world of the internet, and live there. So that’s what this will be.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank the hosting service at  They’re getting started and I have been most appreciative in letting me carve my space out here.

So enjoy, subscribe to my feed, follow my post updates on twitter, and in general thanks for reading.

Also, any posts prior to this one was from my experiment on Feel free to read, even if comments are off due to their age.


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