Sora no Woto

Sora no Woto is about is about a young girl that enters the military and ends up at a border station in the country of Helvetia. The world has seen better days in this story through wars and the like. Kanata begins her life in what looks like a carefree platoon of young ladies as a bugler in 1121st platoon.

The show struggles a bit to get rolling, in what I like to think is an identity crisis. Is it a post-apocalyptic war story, or a slice of life showing this war-torn world and the platoon of ladies and their lives?  The short answer is both. We go through about eight episodes of slice of life before a short ending plot that brings the team together for a final battle to stop the war from restarting at the hands of a couple of warmongers.

Backgrounds were very pretty, and the animation about par for the course for A-1 pictures. Music takes a very central role in the show as communication on the battlefield is made using the trumpet’s signal. As well there are some funny moments with Kanata learning to play her trumpet. The various personalities of the platoon are also interesting, with my favorite character being the platoon leader, Filicia, who is a great leader that knows how to have fun as well.

I enjoyed the show once things got rolling, but can’t rate it as really great because of the couple of episodes that just didn’t seem to fit.


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